Thursday, March 24, 2011

its Thurs., yo!

by 10.30pm semlm, aku dah back home and str8 for MumuLand. kinda messed up, dat aku finally called mak up and talked to her for about 20mins., and it really soothed me a lot. her voice really soothed me. she was jst listened to me. i knw its kinda late for her, and i bet she's tired too. i was glad i still hav mak around dat i can turn to her - most of the time.

4am aku dah bgun - iron baju, aku did some reading. theres coupla thgs still botherin - but aku prefer to not think of it; for i want for at least - today, i'll hav a great day then. i am havin 4hrs of class dis mornin and i dun wanna walk in wit a face wit cipap all over it. the problem wit me is - if i am down and sad and in deep shyte and all dat - ppl can see it jst like dat, all over my face. darn i am not good in hiding my feeling pun. heh.

shall be away for the whole one week starting dis coming 1st April rite up till the 8th. i hav to attend sort of bengkel/kursus there in INTENGAH, somewhere in PJ there, i think. mixed feeling - semlm i was like.. wow, a week from the office! but now.. ermm.

hope today will be the good one for me. for all of us. not only dis one day, but for all the days to come insyaAllah. of course we never knw wats coming. but then again - sometimes, better of like dat - for life wld be darn monotonous, if we knw wats in store then. aye?

hav a pleasant days then, peeps.

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