Monday, March 14, 2011

its Monday, yeah!

heh. i had a good kinda joyride to the office dis mornin. no rushin, no nothg. no SUPAmomma or sleazy-dada drivin around on the road like a halilintar sending their kids to the skol. its always like 5 minit lagik nak tutup gate skol, baru terhegeh2 nak rempit bagai on the road, makin me feelin like to puke all over dlm kereta - when it comes to compete wit all dis kinda ppl. but today - darn i love drivin! and its skol hohoholiday! hoho

by 9am, aku received another call from Nationwide Express sort of reminding me to go and pick up the parcel yg dorg dah anta last Friday, but i 'wasnt' around. heh. i was like, 'ok..' and again - aku asked for the direction. as usual - bein a lame when it comes to all dis directions, maps and such - aku ended up.. 'er, tak pe la adik.. nanti sy cari..' kinda thang. so - aku decided to get online, search the Goggle Map, and thank God, aku found it alrite. berbekalkan map printed out from the internet in hand, aku pusing like 2 - 3 kali infront of the building well, until finally aku was like, 'eh, sini rupanya..' rite infront of me - the building was there. haiyooooo!! dah 3 kali aku pusing and lalu dpn bangunan yg sama. kalo 7 kali pusing, sah2 aku dah dpt title Haji.. heh! kerjis. and time amek parcel - aku letak the map dpn budak kaunter tu.. and she looked me in one kinda, finally aku rasa she cannot help herself and asked, 'abg org mana..?'. bila aku ckp keje and stay kat Ipoh, dia sengih2 mangkaQ. aku pun sengih2 mangkaQ la balik kat dia. tp dalam ati.. heh!

done wit it, aku trus had my brunch. its alrdy 11am and aku dun even hav anythg at all. aku sengaja amek meja kecik at the bucu of the kedai makan @Kluang Cafe Station di Medan Istana tu, wit the tot of - ok, nbdy will disturb aku enjoy my food. and gez wat? ada jgk yg nak nyendeng2. walhal meja bwk kosong.. so - dia abg in Rentokil nyer uniform (aku rasa dia pegawai la or somethg) duduk meja aku, sengih2, sembang2 dlm hp. and then started to break the ice - tnya aku dis and dat. argkh. aku not in the mood to gebang2 pun, esp wit some unknw ppl. all aku need is a time on my own - enjoy my meal, every each bite - God sake. yet dis abg sibuk plak nak sembang2, baik2 dgn aku - tsunami la, ayam naik harga la, keja apa la, stay mana la.. haiyooooo!! never. aku layan ala2 la. deep down, nak je aku 'final countdown' kan meja makan aku tu.. and walk away. aku mkn, finished up the drink and off aku 'er, abg - beransor dulu eh..' blah. mencik!

apart all those thgs, all the petty thgs dat happened - aku tried to sit back and smile em all to myself. sometimes - we hardly think over it, for every single thang yg terjadi - surely hell ada somethg behind it.

and yeah - the parcel. thanks Ijoi! so sweet of u. well i gez - somebdy is really do read my blog, and follow every each of thang in it, eh? hahaha.. thanks for thgs in it!

tell me - how do i look?

owh, KPJ soon.. *sigh*

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