Wednesday, March 9, 2011

it aint my day.

Frankly speaking, dats how i feel. Dat it aint my day, today. Woke up at 3.30am, i hardly crash anymore. I was there blankly stared into the darkness, wit completely nthg in mind. The silence arnd me got myslf s'kinda goosebump. Sent out coupla msges, but i gez it'd make me some kinda idiot for everybdy's in the Mumuland. By 6ish, aku dah mula drowsy and as expected, around 6.45am baru aku tersedar. Baju tak iron. And aku had coupla thgs yg aku shld bring to the ofc, siap.. but it aint. Ofc, as usual. Same ole stuff. Ramai yg cti, xcpt aku yg t'sadai as aku had a thg or two to be done by nxtwk. Aku bengkek dgn BPL for not being helpful enuff on settling coupla thgs rgrdg my stance. Aku was passed arnd, mcm bola takraw. And let alone dat i hav to wait like fcuk, jst to get the chance to talk to em. Dorg tu sape eh? Pengarah ke? Tak. Kerani biasa je. Tp lagak sekor2 mcm haram. And aku ni sape eh? Pekerja Am ke? Aku nearly lost my grip, God sake. And aku kinda pissed off wit coupla ppl arnd me as well. Aku came to a point dat dah la, malas aku nnak cp byk2. Tak guna pun. Buang air liur aku je. They r grown up human being, if they wanna listen - then they will lah. But if they dun, then aku shdnt giv it hell la kot.. 

Aku ngatuk. Aku shld hit a nap jap.

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