Sunday, March 6, 2011

in a lump.

its been a great weekend, really. simple, yet i managed to use it wisely. managed to catch I Am Number 4 - which is like.. argkh, typical Hollywood-y. theres arseholes 'bersiaran langsung' inside the panggung - like non-stop. and the ppl r laughing, aaaaaa..-ing inappropriately, God sake. and the phones - ringing ere and there. another typical Bukit Merah and Jinjang mari kinda shitty head. erk. sorry.

i think i had my back burnt well from the sun, hell yeah. its like kinda pain, itchy at the same time. yeah - i knw i am dark, but my skin payah sket kalo terjemur lama bwh the sun.. the kesan terbakar wld be darn obviously there..

Monday trow. stndts off for mid-sem break. tp aku still kena masuk keje. theres coupla thgs aku kena settle kan.

i wanted to write more - but since its been days aku tak do so; i am kinda stuck where to start, which to start and such.

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solo molo said...

happy w0rking 4 t0morrow Sir...