Saturday, March 12, 2011

i am sorry.

S'times, when ur darn close to s'one, u tend to take thgs for granted. And s'times u started to forget the limits, and the boundry, as well. I thk dats wat happened to me, today. Taking thgs for granted, taking for granted dat others can take ur harsh jokes at anytime at all, wit out considering anythg at all - i gez i am in a hot soup now. Deep shyte.. Argkh. To whom dis may concern, i am sorry. I am trully sorry. I shldnt cracked sucha silly jokes. At all. I feel sad. I feel bad. I shldnt be treating a good fren like u, dis way. U've helped me a lot. U've made my life termendously wonderful. I shldnt be doin dis. And i am an idiot. I wont be doin dis, again. No more. I am sorry.

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