Thursday, March 3, 2011

good night,

u wanna learn
how to kill urself?
try wit a first step - 'makan ati'

done wit Management of Depression - i am finishing dis Suicidal and Management - still a long way to go. nope - i wont go into details dat much, these r not for some medical personnel. the problem is - i am used to all sort of medical jargons and to put em low wit less wat-the-fcuk-ur-sayin kinda terms is way difficult for me, God sake.

think i am stopping now. i am havin bees in my head, and i cant think rite. theres coupla thgs buggin my freakin mind as well - makin thgs went.. erm, i cant get thgs on the right track. i guess i gotta wake up early trow morn, and get back to dis. or perhaps - aku need to get dis done in the ofc., early trow morn., before anythg at all.

nope. i dun hav any suicidal tots. or ideation, holy shyte.


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