Sunday, March 20, 2011


damn. finally i'd be able to sit down and 'write' properly, using dis old, huge lappy of mine. well, i did bring my netbook back there to Tumpat - but i was kinda lazy to even switch it on.. dat i'd prefer to stick on my mobile. updating my blog using my mobile - well; dats wat u get for the last coupla entries, before.


hit my sack darn early smlm. wasnt feel dat good pun, kinda dizzy dr petang lagik. by 10.30pm somethg, telan ubat - aku dah drifted away. but then again - by 2.30am - aku dah wide awake.. starin into the darkness; figuring out wat to do. i was ended up on the FB for an hr plus - wandering around from a wall to another, and basically; nobdy's there. kinda stressed up, God knws. i shldve been sleepin like others - but i was not. and aku hav to drive a long journey (it is today). i think around 4am, aku was back asleep - wit the phone in my hand, jst like dat. and gez wat - Subuh aku pun terbabas pagi tadik.. :-(

by 12noon, aku alrdy hit the road. langit gelap ere and there.. and starting from Tanah Merah - it was heavily downpour ere and there, sporadically. but thank God, kereta tak byk. lori sket2.. and cuma a few psiko drivin around - bwk mcm siput on the fast lane, and sibuk nak potong orang tho it was a double line.

by 6pm - aku dah kat rumah. itu pun berhenti merata2; siap singgah Kuala Kangsar tapau laksa and such. kemas2, Maghrib, dinner, mkn ubat - and ere i am.

by the time aku on the lappy, and get on YM!; aku was kinda jumped out for joy since aku came across dis someone - online. its been a while, really. i mean - it feels like ages. i was hopin to hav kinda short, good conversation - for awhile - when thgs turned out to be the other way around. i am not sure wat i do wrong; but i cant help thinkin all the worst thgs, God sake.. :-(


shall go pressing baju keje esok. go thru my schedule for trow. and off for my MumuLand.. hoping for the best, for trow..


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TiNiE said...

letih jugop...
jom join mumuland..heh