Tuesday, March 22, 2011



so fail, if u need to. be bad at thgs - for its ok. be embarrassed - for who cares. be afraid - for dat makes u a human. be vulnerable. go out on a limb or two or even twelve - and u'll fall and it'll freakin hurt - but its ok; for the harder u fall, the farther u'll rise. the louder u fall - dammit the clearer ur future becomes. be it watever u hav to think about dis - darn u gotta agree wit me, God sake.

there r ppl who spend their whole lives wonderin how they became the ppl they became - how certain chances pass em by, y they din take the roads less traveled. be it. they r jst like dat. the fact is - those ppl r not u.

u urslf hav front row seats to ur own transformation, and in transformin urself - u mght even transform the world. who knws! and it'll electric, and trust me - it'll be terrifyin.

and i believe we hav to embrace dat. embrace the new person ur becomin. for - dis is ur moment.