Monday, March 14, 2011


it aint my day, again. i call it off - wit a bad taste in my mouth.

i wish i cld say it out loud. i wish i cld talk to someone - someone who'd jst listen to me well. i wish i cld vent it all out in ere, wit no restriction. i wish i cld jst left the whole shyte out at the door, so i'd be in my home - smiling, washin my hands clean. i wish i cld jst reframe my thinkin, so i wont be bugged wit dis kinda bulshyte. i wish..

i gez all i need to do to - is sleep on it. swallow it down rite, so by the time i wake up trow mornin - i'll be back smilin to the world, as if theres nthg happen. or perhaps - if i ever feel numb, i'd thank God dat i'd survive a day dat full of shyte. how i wish..

i wish i cld be do sthg about dis. but most of the time - i am not.

its jst my luck, i gez. its jst my luck.


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