Wednesday, March 9, 2011



u may not be her first
her last - or her only..
she loved before she may love, again.
but if she loves u knw - wat else matters?
she's not perfect - so wat? ur aint either
and the two of u may
never be perfect together.. but -
if she can makes u laugh
and admit to bein human
and makin mistakes -
hold onto her and giv her the most u can.
she may not be thinkin about u every sec of the day
but she'll giv u a part of her
that she knows you can break - her heart.

so dun hurt her
dun change her
dun analyze her.. and
dun expect more than she can gives.

smile when she makes u happy
let her knw when she makes u mad
and miss her - when she's not there..

*Bob Marley*



@xiM said...

hai there
long time no see..

achik ezam said...

i love her too....

i mean every women in this world.

happy women's day :))

**eh titibe**