Tuesday, March 1, 2011


life wld be simple..

life is like a roller-coaster. it fulls of ups and downs. we never how its gonna be like for us, trow. i believe it dat way - for once u can foretaste of wats coming - life wld be darn boring. when ur anticipating thgs dat u dun really want in life, and u knw its coming - its gonna be real hard for u. i prefer of the unknwing. i prefer not to knw thgs dat i dun really wanna knw - for once i face it, i gez i knw how to deal wit it. but to wait and see for thgs u dun really like to go thru it well - damn, i wish i'd be havin more choices to choose.

they say life is simple. its short. anticipating the unknwn. expecting the unexpected. i wish my life wld be dat way. the way it used to be - before all dis. u never knw how it is like - to wait and see for dis 'one' thg to come true or not. damn. i hate it.


i realized dat some how, i am struggling to keep dis blog updated wit new thgs, lately. i used to hav a lot to tell. i love to tell tales. i jst love to write. but lately - am not sure wats left to share. and i started to feel less eager to write. i knw somehow or rather - i mght be leavin dis page for good.. but i aint sure when. or how.

i jst wanna get rid of dis. if its for good - be it. i think i'd be ok. rather then keep on guessing when. and how.

damn its killing me.

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