Thursday, March 10, 2011



"i am takin dis chance to thank u for everythg u've done for me. no words can describe how grateful i am - now dat ur wit me. ur there for me. u never left my side, thru the good times and the bad. u knw wat i've been thru the hurt and the miserable momenas; and thru all dat u've helped me overcome my fears, my doubts, my weakness. u always told me u dun knw how to react, u dun knw wat to say and such - but then; ur presence is all dat i need. and its all dat matters. i never cldve done it w/o u, u heled me realize my worth, u made me feel dat i am loved - no matter wat.

thanks u so much.. there hav been times when i tot i cldnt take the pain anymore - there were times when i felt i cld no longer stand the loneliness, but ur there to comfort me and tell me dat everythg is gonna be alrite. thru wonderful ppl and thgs, u reached out to me and reminded me dat life goes on. b'coz of u - i saw dat life is worth living, dat theres still so much in store for me, for us. dat i shldnt waste my life in unimportant sadness and thgs. u taught me how to trust, and u strengthened my faith. it wasnt easy, but somehow or rather - i did it. i did it, b'coz u there. and dats all dat i need.

i am blessed to hav u. to knw u. i am grateful dat we come across in dis path of life. damn i love u so much.."

darn dats how i feel..