Thursday, March 17, 2011

2nd day; argkh!

In bed still. Its quiet arnd. Its windy. And its kinda nice yeah, to be in bed. Malas sgt2 nak turun outta bed. Nthg in mind, really. Except aku dok fkr wat to do, today. More reading, of coz. And surfing a now and then. Argkh, thank God aku bwk the berokbnd, of else - i am sure i'd be a dead meat. Breakie? I hope it'd be the nasik krabs. Darn i never tired of it.. Extra budu wld be jst great. Hehe.. Btw, nak mandi jap.

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TiNiE said...

kaktin nak balik kg jugop!!! huhuhu