Tuesday, February 22, 2011



in bed still. will jump out of ere, real soon. or, maybe a lil bit later - if i'm lucky. i wish i cld jst stay back in the bed thru out the day. dis headache is killin me, and at the same time - i am damn bloody hungry.. nope, i cant poppin in all those colorful 'miracle' pills when my tummy is growling, empty. damn - i hate grabbing the towel, headin to the shower while my heart, my soul r all under the duvet, still. heh.

i received coula disturbing msges still - tp kali ni aku dah malas nak amek tau. i read em, i deleted em all. kalo baru ni aku serabut la jugak, tp skang - biar la. if ur a human bein wit a brain - u gotta act like one. tak pyh la sibuk2 nak anta msg askin dis and dat, nasihat dis and dat.. penat weh!

and semlm - aku had the chance seein dis pic; 'shahe waktu dulu2' kinda thang - posing tp kolam renang wit a darn skimpy trunk - and ppl will vote for it, for somethg. and the worst part was - the pic was posted to a blog yg 'sungguh memalukan' kinda thang. thanks to Azman for telling me. dis someone was so strongly believe dat was me (heh, jumpak aku pun tak pernah!) and forwarded the pic to Azman. i was kinda shocked, tp lepas tu aku started to laugh out loud. bodoh. dorg ni tadak keje ke eh? and the fact is - aku tak la nak berposing like dat (apart those in FB), and aku still think rationally. and all the stats kat blog tu, was sooo not me. kelakar.

heh. mls aku nak fikir. aku lapar. gotta hit the shower, and turun hunting for some food.

u hav a productive Tues., fellas!

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