Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wed morning..

3.30am aku dah bangun - and gez wat? i was kinda strugglin to go back to sleep.. and i jst cant. i ended doin some reading in my study room - finishing up coupla articles aku need to go thru and such. it was a quiet, peaceful morning - and i managed to concentrate well. by the time org nak azan - aku dah mula drowsy balik, and 6.30am baru terjaga. shait.

aku decided not to make my usual trip to Penang today - i'll call it off, call em to tell so. malas. and theres nothg to much ado about the whole thang pun.

owh, by the way - aku received a bouquet of flowers - roses red and yellow and such, wit one big flush toy; Donald Duck to be precise - on the last so-called V-Day. cemaneh? first time in my whole life, God sake. thanks, again.

me, today!
flowers all around aye?

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