Thursday, February 24, 2011


perhaps we r all refugees from sthg we dun knw. perhaps we r all runnin around from sthg we knw, yet we dun hav guts to face it well. perhaps, we r refugees we runnin away from sthg dun really understand - sthg we dun care to understand, at all. and it haunts us all the time, for the rest of the life.

perhaps, we r all runnin in a way or another - from ur own fear, darkness, uncertainty. or sthg unknwn. perhaps, if u hav guts - u'll stand up ur stance and face it all for once. and get it done. so dat u can go on wit life, wit an open mind. wit a free, no shitty hold on in ur head. perhaps, maybe u dun hav guts to deal wit all dis - and u prefer to jst go along wit the flow, be it to no matters it brings - as long as ur doin ok.. as long as u can grab wat ever ur meant to hav all dis time - and u din - u knw u'll survive alrite.

perhaps we r all refugees from sthg. but i see now there is nthg to fear. dat the world we hold onto - the lives we cherish - r a part of sthg greater, sthg more. when i look at those less unfortunate - i see it so clearly; dat hope, dat chance of life - and i knw its worth fighting for.

perhaps, i did my part. i fight for it. i stand on it. but i gez - life's is more than jst dat.

perhaps, i shld let go. and carry on.

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Jerung Rimba Putih said...

a very motivational one for me.. thanks. workin' on for mine.. :(