Saturday, February 19, 2011


darn its Saturday!

its Saturday. and for the first time - its a Saturday wit nothg in store. i mean - well, i shldve go for a photography class - dammit my fav, my passion - but its Saturday, and i am in bed. waking up at 6am and contemplating whether or not go - is not sthg yg u want to hav it, God sake. between ur passion and the chance of gettin up late, lazying around doin nthg. darn - gez wat? i choose the second one. someone asked me 'releven lagi ke kelas fotografi u tu? sama je dgn kelas renang yg tak sudah2 smpai skang..'. hahaha.. thanks for such motivation. and yeah - aku ponteng kelas fotografi, pg neh. hehe

in bed still. nthg in head. sleep like a log, awal lagik aku dah hit the sack. by 4am aku dah bgun - did the wee wee and aku decided to tido kat bilik belakang je, wit no aircond. woke up for Subuh - aku smbg lagik my so-called journey to the my only land, the MumuLand. hehe.. damn how i wish everyday wld be like dis, aye? errmmm..

i finally found TimTams on FB. its a hell nice kinda thang really - bein able 'seeing' her bakin some cupcakes and such. argkh, cupcakes again. darn i gotta go get myself, some esok lusa.. teringin seh!

nak pi mandi la. matahari dah tinggi. i still hav nthg in store - to do toda. i mght as well watch the idiotbox and kill my time, on9 je la kot. or do some reading, perhaps.. *puke*.


abang ensem said...

Apalagi.. start kete mai la turun Shah Alam. Boleh aku belanja McD.

Timtams said...

I cant believe you didn't go to photography class today! Coz, I know how much u love it, tapi tak pe lah I'm sure you were tired. But u earn extra brownie points by going to rumah org tua2 tadi.

Did you bring your camera to take portraits of the elders? Hmm I'm thinking of b&w shots of them would've been nice!

Timtams said...

oh and correction Shah...I found YOU on FB not the other way round!

btw..cupcakes dah habis, kiddies loved them!

jerry maguire, jr. said...

Meor - McD dpn rumah aku je kat Sunway neh! hehe

Timtams - thanks. glad to hav u a round. the old folk hse? nope. i din bring the camera. and i din take a single pic pun. how arr? haha