Wednesday, February 9, 2011



wat life is? well everybdy has their own definition for it. perception towards it. but then - wat life is? subjective, aye? i gez - its simple. life is like the lil decisions u make, like everyday. hate it or not - it is like some sort of decisions u made, urself. decisions of the past - they definitely hav had their effect, but every new day can be a new start - yeah, dats wat they say. and no matter wat has happened up till now - u hav a chance to make the right decisions, today.

i do believe dat we need not to waste time reliving the pain of past mistakes, and wrong decisions. for dat only saps ur power to do wat u can do, today. u cant change the past, its gone anyway. but the future is wat u make it, startin rite now - darn we gotta take full advantage of the present, God sake.

we gotta learn from the past mistakes. and put em behind us, today. forgive those who wronged u and ask forgiveness from those u hav wronged. dat probably wont be easy - dammit, it is - but dun put it off; better do it as soon as u can. look above for fresh courage and hope, starting today. dream new dreams, today. set new goals, today. spend ur time on thgs dat truly count, today. love urself, ur family - today. be a nice, good fren, today. listen to em, darn well - today. and do thgs better - startin today.


darn i dun knw wats the above.

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