Monday, February 14, 2011

its all in ur head!

sorry Disney -
cant help to 'cepet' dis from u guys!

"not everythg we want is good for us.."
"jst becoz we want somethg, doesnt necessarily mean we shld hav it.."
"wats meant to be urs, will be urs.."
"a lil perseverance can go a long way"
"wanting and needing are two different thgs.."

the above r jst some of the statements dat go thru my mind every time i see thgs.. or s'thg i want and for some reason - i cant hav. for instance - when i go shopping - if i see sthg i want on sale in the mall; and i cant afford to buy it.. or perhaps - i aint sure if i really need it well - i'll repeat these tots in myhead like a so-called mantra - again and again - and dat makes me feel a lil bit better tho i cant hav it. of buy it, perhaps.

dis doesnt jst apply to material thgs, i think. in life - when we see s'thg we want - be it a person, or event, or status; if we want sthg but no matter how we try, we jst cant seem to get it - then it helps to remember the statements above. at least - dat works for me. may be u can try next time u see shtg u want but u cant hav instead.

but then - it wont work on thgs i do 'at whim'. it is when i get myslf damn bloody 'boros' - buy thgs w/o further thinking and such. and i din even get the chance to think or repeat all the bloody 'mantra' pun!



in the office now. i am not doin anythg now. wanted to go back home - yet Pengarah nak jumpak at 4.30pm. eh, nape 4.30pm eh? kejis la.. and 5pm baru balik kuar ofis. heh! y not jumpak aku at 2pm je senang.. settle - aku bley trus.. err..

damn - ngantok siot!! argkhhh..

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mrs redzuan said...

boros?? uii..satu penyakit ketagihan dan merbahaya tu..jaga2...hehehe.