Monday, February 28, 2011

good Samaritans.

s'times, havin a plain chat wit a so-called stranger (i mean - someone u hardly or dun really knw) cld be a bless. inspiring. eye-opening, really. i've went thru dis - coupla times before. and it really makes me smiling, and i can remember the whole thang like, really really good.

i was in GS's recently for a dinner - where i was there like awal giler, and nobdy's home - except for his mom doin the cookin. as usual - i was thinkin it gonna be hard for me - i am havin dis problem to get use wit 'stranger' and break the ice.. argkhhh.. s'thg i hate of doin, really. i jst dun knw wat to ask, i jst dun knw wat to do. wat if i ask - and the other person wont go answering well? wat if she/he goes mute and buat muka 'ketat'? and wat if she/he turned out to be so monosyllabic and makes me goin crazy crushin my head for questions, to ask? aiyoo.. i can crack a joke or two - but then again; wld dat be a real 'joke' then?

but then - i had a real great evening there. me and the makcik had a great plain chat - about like so many thgs. right from her and the kids, her late hubby, her tough time, her ailments and such. i was there - sitting and listening - s'times i laugh out loud, s'times i responded to her well. and i remember - i hardly tell her about me myslf dat much pun - unless she asked. but she was there - chatting. and at the same time, cooking. and i had a real good time. she asked for coupla opinions, and i get low telling her in a very easy way to understand. i concluded the day wit a smile on my face.. darn its been a long time since aku really had a good chat wit an elderly yg aku tak kenal, before. the last time was - i dun knw.. years back la kot, time aku practice and attend the patients.

and lact coupla weeks - i was on the ETS, when dis Chinese old lady.. i mean - not too old, around 50's of age la kot, sit sebelah aku. as usual - aku senyum2 je when she looked at me.. it was then when she started to greet me well, askin where i am headin in English. apparently, she's goin to stop at Batu Gajah. we din talk dat much - but the way she asked me and such, replyin me back in return - makes me feel so damn cool and nice, as well. aku remember did ask her dis and dat - whos's goin to fetch u and such - and she gladly answered. and the end of it - before she went off; she was like 'i gotta go.. see u around, when i see u around' in a nice, polite way, and wish me 'all the best'. i was like - wow. i dun really know her pun. yeah, i mean - wow!.. for a plain Chinese lady, and not-so-kiasu really. i was there in the train, smiling to myself all the way up till Ipoh.

s'times, aku do feel tired roaming around ppl dat u knw darn well. typical, monotonous kinda thang. i'd love to go around, mingle wit those i dun really knw - tho i knw its gonna be tough for me, really. and i knw - dat wldnt be a disaster pun.. its jst a matter of time.


i am done wit most of the thgs kat ofc neh. baru 12.30pm.. darn nape la time balik at 5, bukan 12.30pm, eh?


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