Sunday, February 13, 2011


lovely days!

time to settle down. i had a great weekend, hell yeah - spending it well wit those dat i love, so freakin much. time like dis - they wld jst go flyin so fast u hardly realize dat finally - esok dah nak kena keje. heh. days like dis - they dun hav to be grande, they dun hav to be spending em well walkin about the mall and such - jst stay back put, and relax - spending every each magical, precious moment doin nthg at all, damn it was so freakin nice. as long as those ppl dat u love r around - darn i wldnt go askin for more.

hav a nice, tite sleepin ppl. for trow - there'll be more, in store for us insyaAllah.


TiNiE said...

thank u to you too, for dat moment..muahahaha

jerry maguire, jr. said...

motep? haha