Friday, February 18, 2011


its a good day,
hell yeah!

despite havin kinda bad day thru out the whole day smlm - i had a great sleepin, hell yeah. woke up feelin damn fresh - darn i hardly feel dis way for like, ages i think. at 5.30am aku bgun.. siap2 mandi, tunggu Subuh, made myself a big mug of Nescafe - thgs went well pretty well so far alhamdulillah. hope dis gonna last till end of the day, insyaAllah.

aku decided not to attend Majlis Maulidur Rasul smlm kat kolej. i jst need sometime back at home, my own private time - and settle coupla thgs. BLS wit Puspanita kat SUK was kinda big joke for me - dis Datin2 they dun really wanna learn a thang, but love to be in the crowd wit all the bling-bling and takin shait. i cld see thgs well bila aku bg lecture demo on Adult Choking - theres a few mak datin yg dun even pay attention - yet havin their eyes stuck on other mak datins' bracelet, tudung, baju wit dis 'puke' kinda reaction on their faces. why? dun ask me. and i gotta rushed back to the office after dat - budak2 aku ada kes bergaduh plak sesama sendiri semlm kat hostel - dat aku plak yg kena mengadap Pengarah and brief him. aku bengkek dgn KF - as a warden; he shldve let me knw at the first place.. ni tak - i was the last to knw. so be it lah - aku decided let him handle it thu-out.. ko nak sgt kan. aku wal2 lagi dah bg tau Pengarah - to go get him, if anythg at all. knwg KF - aku mls nak amek port sgt. bley sakit jiwa dealin wit dis kinda ppl.

but dat was ysterday - i refuse to think about it, any more. today is a new a day. aku shall start it well, make the best out of it, and make it last until the end of it. futhermore - its TGIF. and for some reasons - darn i cant wait for the weekend!

u hav a great day too, ppl. remember to enjoy every small bit of it, every petty thgs in it. life's so freakin short - its not worth to weep around for thgs dat u cant change, God sake.

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