Monday, February 21, 2011


get the hell outta ere!

sumpah aku meluat. menyampah. theres a hatred in me - damn i cant help it. i knw i aint gonna go anyway wit dis burning in me - but for the first time - aku feel like cldnt careless. it aint the first really. dis was around for yrs, and it seems like it wont go away.. i mean - where ever i go, wat ever i get - dis bloody thang will be around, tryin to grab watever i had - in hand. damn - can u jst get the hell outta my face? go find somethg else. go get somethg else, will u? wats get into u anyway? i dun knw u. and fuck - i dun want to.

its like everywhere i go - dis bloody creature will be around. its like everywhere, God sake. dammit - can u jst giv up and turn ur arse around? wat else do u want? go get ur thang, on ur own, and stop pickin on thgs dat owned. i knw u well, indeed. u wanna get thgs in some easy way. u dun want a thang, for God sake. u jst wanna hav thgs dat u can get from ppl around u. and dats the fact. tambah plak ada org melayan.. heh.

benci la. sumpah benci. meluat.