Wednesday, February 16, 2011


mak abah..
they mean the whole wide world,
to me!

i managed to visit a home for the aged, coupla days back. i hardly do dat, lately. i miss visiting these centers, really. since i've been busy wit other thgs; works and such - i havent had enuff time to visit one, recently. i remember when i was back in Taiping - while i was workin during the shift hrs., i managed to squeeze sometime - did some volunteer works ere and there, talking and spent time wit coupla elderly there. i had a real good time, God sake.

i remember met one who had Alzheimer's and it was so heartbreakin. she was a very pleasant Malay lady, wit a darn pleasant kinda face. she had a great smile and greeted me amiably. i also met one who was always lyin in bed and refused to get up. there r also dis grandmother who was wearing compression stockings b'coz she's havin Diabetes and her legs r prone to excessive swelling. there was also one 'tok wan', who was eating very slowly, since his hands were shaking uncontrollably. i feel like cryin seein him smiling when i fed him. me and couple of others from the 'Team Kerja Komuniti' helped and tried to cheer up em all as best as we could.

i've always had a soft spot for old ppl. every time i see em, wit all wrinkles on their faces, hands and such - wit their smiles dat r both weak, yet wise - their eyes dat hav seen a lot.. my heart goes out to em. they've seen a lot in life, these ppl hav wisdom dat can only be gained from livin world, livin life for so many yrs.

if only all the ppl in dis world cld take care of their old loved ones - dat wld be ideal. they need not to work, anymore - doin all the hard chores and such. taking care of the grandchildren. had to bear illnesses and such - while still had to work for life. i feel bloody sad for those dat r sent in elderly facilities - i knw there muct be reasons for it, but a father and a mother can take care well their many children thru think and think - while the children cant even do dat well in return. these ppl need their families, and i feel sorry for em.

if u still hav parents, grandparents or elderly relatives - kindly do, pld take care of em. dun ever take em for granted b'coz these ppl need u even more than anythg in the world, for now dat they r old. they dun hav much time in dis world - so pls do make every moment count.

and i remember reaching home wit the a compulsive tot dat i hav to giv mak abah a call - see hows thgs wit em both. and God knws how it feels for me - to hav the chance listenin to their voice, altho i do call em both every like two days!

as for me - it wont be tuff. no, it wont tax ur whole freakin time. jst love and respect em. for ur gonna get old as well. one day!