Monday, February 21, 2011



every human bein has the rite to choose how they feel, you can choose happiness or sadness, hatred or love and such. u may be depressed or heartbroken, over somethg dat may hav happened to u or sthg u did a long time ago - maybe even years back - to urself, or to others. but u need not to stay in dat depressed state any longer. theres no need to torture urself. and dats the fact. plus - y do u hav to blame urself on every single thang - while u know u cant get it undone. its like u try to un-fry a fried egg. u knw dat aint goin to happen.

there is no need to carry dat pain any longer inside ur heart, day after day - year after year. u must not let it grow continuously b'coz soon enuff - dat one issue u r sad or depressed about will turn into ur normal way of thinkin. negativism and negative way of thinkin has a bloody domino effect, at least dats wat i believe.

when one door closes in life - another one will open - but if u do not let go of the pains of yesterday, the joys of today and trow will never, ever be discovered. they will be overshadowed by ur own misery. darn then u must let go of the past - to be happy. there is no ifs, ands or buts..

quit living negatively in the past, and focus on wat u can do about today and in the future. u see - wat happened in the past - u hav no control of, today. u cannot do a thang about it - so y live there?

start livin and loving thgs u can control such as dis beautiful dat or maybe surround urself wit ur love ones. go out and create joyous experiences and turn happiness into a constant way of thinkin.

enuff is enuff. bygone be bygone. do u agree?

do not let the torments and regrets of yesterday live in u deep enuff, to cover ur progression and happiness for today..

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