Saturday, February 12, 2011

change? BS!

i aint a technical person. i believe dat i am more humanism et al. i believe everyone of us has our own potential, to be better than wat we r now. if we wanna change - and if we do wanna change, then we will. ppl hate changes - for we r so comfort wit thgs around us. but - if we wanna change, we will change. we gotta change wit sort of willingness in us, ourselves. we dun go change for someone wants us to.

action speaks louder than word. i gez we need not to blabbering telling world dat we r gonna change, but we r aint.

simple aye?

1 comment:

achik ezam said...

saya selalu ada masalah keyakinan diri!

tataw caner lagi nk lawan perasaan sendiri....