Tuesday, February 8, 2011


its been yrs since i've been on FB. theres so many changes in life, wit FB around me - more frens, more love, more dramas, more not-so-frens, more once-ur-fren-now-ur-no-more, more last-time-u-hate-me-now-u-fren-me, more now-ur-a fren-trow-ur-not, and more fun of course.

i gained more frens in FB. most of the ppl in there r superb. i dun knw how to tell, but they r jst great. they can be a lot better then those who r infront of u. but then again - FB can bring lot of unnecessary thgs, too.

its hurt to knw when ur the reason - when ur fren get dumped. especially when u dun knw a thang. and u dun even knw wat the heck is goin on. its jst becoz ur a good fren of A, and A is goin out wit B - but when B knew dat A is a good fren of urs - B gav kata dua; to choose him/herself or u - as A's bestfren. the thg is - u dun even knw who the heck is B. and u dun knw dat A is goin out wit B. it is sad, of course. i cant help to feel bad about the whole thang. but i wont go blaming myself - for i dun knw shyte about it. and A is not doin sthg wrong too - salah ke ko nak kwn dgn A? but B - i think ur makin up stories. i do think u hav no balls. ur picking up reasons to get away from the whole thang. ur a plain chicken shyte. i am sorry - i knw i am nbdy to judge. but i cant help myself thinkin dat way.

dis aint the first. i had worst thgs - way worst than dat. i had some ppl who knew myself damn way freakin better than i knw my freakin self. cemaneh? and dis ppl go around tellin tale to the whole wide world - i gez its as simple as dis - u talk about others, dat wld makes u feel damn superior. for u'd go tellin 'mamat tu bodoh, bangang, keji bla bla bla..' and such.. at the end of the day - sapa yg baik? u knw i aint goin to answer dat - u go figure out urself. aku dah masak dgn org mcm ni. dis kinda moron - i need not to deal wit. let him/her go around tellin shait and feel good about it. poor him/her - dats the only thg yg can make him/her feel good, in life. pity him/her. it aint biggie - for i believe in karma - dammit wat goes around, will always comes around. wat u giv is wat ur gonna get. unless ur fuckin perfect - well hunny, dats somethg else. but.. i am tellin u - but if u think ur nbdy, then jst shut the fuck up. coz sooner or later, ppl will knw. and mana nak letak muka? celah bedah pun tak layak!

my fren - i am sorry. i never knw dis is goin to happen. i dun even knw wats goin on. i jst dun knw a thang, God sake.

but ur a fren of mine - and i cant help to feel bad. its like for my existence - lead u to face all dis bullshyte. i wish i cld tell u a thang or to - but i am jst a plain nbdy. and i gez thg has been said. and done.

i am sorry.

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