Saturday, February 5, 2011

1) keli, 2) Pinkie!

sarah irdina and akmal hakimi..

sarah wit her readiness to pose
- like all the time!

kimi, sarah, areeyna the kakak and damia
- half of the minimons!

sile mkn ati! hehe

haziq and damia..

cik - aku nyer adik lelaki #3
- and aku.. the along!

cik wit his abg uda's pose..
motip? haha

abg ngah, aku, cik and sarah..
the truth is - abg ngah je yg btol2 keje..
yg lain, posing mosing je. kejs!

kimie - my lovely minimon..
and the nakal-est!

cik and the his gaya..
gaya aje, ok!


kimie and me.

ada gaya tak? hohoho

me and Soleh
- adik bongsu aku neh!

i cld be smiling..

we r done wit the 'bakar keli' session. we r even done finishin em all. it was a nice time really - the 13 of us, sitting around the big meal, havin good time - talkin, laughin, eating and the chaos r far from u can ever imagine. and it was nice too - tgk mak abah makan siap tambah2 lagik.. we knw how they both r, if we r not around.

after lunch - rumah totally knock out - masing2 bwk diri and aku as usual, tergolek dpn tv under the fan wit few minimons - perut kenyang, mata pun ngantok.. sedar tak sedar - aku dah terlena and by the time aku terjaga - it was like 3.30pm alrdy.

its ptg alrdy - and its laksa time! haha.. mati la aku gumuks.


btw - aku lupa.. to Noraziah Che Pa - tahniah! its ur big E-Day!! tahniah to u both. i am trully glad for finally - after all dis yrs, after all dis time - thru thick and thin; finally u've come across the rite one, alhamdulillah. to The Man - trust me, ur trully blessed to hav her.. do take care and be good to her!


there r still thgs in my head. marching around, like nbdy biz.

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:: NbC :: said...

Thanks Shahe, insyallah. Pray 4 me.