Tuesday, January 25, 2011


its a plain Tuesday. woke up way back at 4am, aku hardly sleep anymore. tossin up and down, around 5.30am, aku alrdy found myself siap2 dgn Nescafe big mug and tunggu azan nak siap2 Subuh and such. 6.30am, aku dah siap kuar to the ofis. sorting thgs out in the ofc - aku baru sedar yg jadual aku clashed - i was havin classes for 3hrs on Human Personality; while at the same time - aku shldve be out of the office for some clinical teaching in few Klinik Kesihatan. duh. how cld dis happen?

so aku finished up classes well. Human Personality. nthg to much ado of. see urself, for urself - u'll learn way better - as i told the stdnts. we've discussed about dis earlier, and outline for the topic pun aku dah bg - as usual, aku expected the stndts to go and do some additional reading, find dis and dat, get em self prepare before the class kick off. and the class went well. dis is the best part of when u started the 'relationship' wit the stdnts by showing em the 'u cant mess wit me' attitude. i gez - they've seen the worst part of me - and they knw how to put thgs properly. the wat and the wheres the gap u cant jst go crossin it, jst like dat. and i gez they've seen the worst of me - during the orientation week, during coupla hrs when i had my voice went 'mis-pitch' in the class when the stdnts do shait. so today - the class went well. wit a jokes cracked ere and they, i ended up the session wit a lot of Q&A, alhamdulillah. as long as they learn - darn i had nthg else to wish for.

after 11am, aku rushed for a break. lapar. and after lunch break - aku ke Greentown, tgk2 stdnts there. discussed wit em all one case clerking and such.. cukup la. belajar sket2 is way better than u go load em all wit so many bloody facts, dat at the end of the day - they din knw wat they learn .. at least - dats wat i believe.

leavin for the gym jap. kinda numb in me. theres so may questions left unattended. perhaps - sometimes, in life - all questions r not meant to hav answers for every each of it. perhaps.

and i gez - dats life is too. ada pasang surut. watever will be, will be.

damn i shall not complaining too much.

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TiNiE said...

tetiba rasa cam bes plak jadi lecturer...heh