Friday, January 21, 2011


yeah - i knw. i jst said it out loud. said dat i mght be stopping from doin dis for a while - but darn, i am back. it jst - i cant be stayin away from doin dis. i love doin dis - jotting thgs in and out - sharing dis and dat; esp thgs dat makes me happy..

and yeah - i started the Fry-Day, fried myself alrite. kinda tuff day, it is. works, stdnts, my personal thang - all in and makes me wanna puke dat i decided to take off-day after Jumaat, today. beside - i hav a strong reason y i shld be doin it, as well.

but towards end of the day - thgs went well. to be able to listen to thgs u long to hear - for the whole day; it makes me smiling from ear to another. crackin jokes, teasing me like i am a plain fool (and i dun mind!) - i had a great time. and i am still smiling.


its dis weekend i've been waiting for. i've been counting days and hrs for dis, alrite. but then - its ok. i dun mind, at all. i am counting days for somethg else..

and i cant wait!

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