Monday, January 3, 2011

a start.

first day at school. first day at the college. etc. first day really at work. heh. aku bgun dgn physical and mentally screamin out shait - as if aku dpt continue back my MuMu routine. but i cant. kena kuar pi ofis awal as usual. nak demam pun ada rasa bdn, semlm around 11pm dah smpai rumah.. Ajak called plak - ajak pi minum. which is kinda unusual for him to do dat at dat particular time. aku expected him to hav sort of shait on his mind - and yeah, it is. dkt 2jam bersembang and basically he really needs someone to talk to.

kepala yg dah berat - bertambah berat dek so many thgs. heh.

g'mornin, ppl! hav a pleasant week, ahead!

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