Sunday, January 30, 2011


and dats the fact!

managed to sit down properly and do thgs dat i like - freely browse the net wit kinda free mind. and of coz - i'd go checkin my FB, updating my blog, checkin my empty mail-box and such.

come to my surprise - i started to receive wishes from frens and such - and they r all around my wall, alrdy. i knw - it aint as yet - it is like another 1 hr and 15mins to.. or a bit more. i cant stop smiling readin em all. its once in a year kinda thang, when ur wall is full of nice, sweet wishin - and u jst cant stop smilin from ear to another..

i dun really hav so-called wish, dis time around. i jst wanna live life, i jst wanna take watever may come.

i am havin 2hrs class early trow morn., and i am leavin town soon after dat. will be back on coming Sunday. but then again - i'll keep on writing, insyaAllah.

pheww! i dun knw how to tell, wats in me, God sake.

gnite, fellas. and thanks! i love u guys.

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Aby QisIma / Aby Ez said...

Have belated birthday shahe ... sorry lambat wishing u ... aby ez doakan semoga sentiasa sihat, dimurahkan rezeki, dipanjangkan umur, sentiasa dilindungi, dirahmati & diberkati dlm apa jua perkara yg shahe lakukan .. Amin ... (",)