Thursday, January 13, 2011

shyte? shait?

owh, shait!
its err.. a shait.

i thank God the day today - i was havin a bit of a bad one indeed yesterday - but dis mornin; by the time aku woke up - i had a fresh one in fact. tho deep at the back of my brain i still did thk of wat i've done yesterday - i gez, be it. wat is done, is done. bygone be bygone. and there's nthg much dat i can do to undo the whole thang.

at 8 to 10am dis morn., i was havin class wit the group yg kena maki dgn aku semlm. no - dun get me wrong - i aint go maki-ng like i am losing my mind. cuma aku marah2 manja sket je. tp, manja2 pun - senyap sunyi sekejap the whole hall, menikus masing2. it is hurt to see em in the face, and its hurt bila by the time aku masuk lecture hall; budak2 tu pakat menikus. i swear to God - they never been dat way before. not in my class. but dis mornin, they did. i wanted to burst out laughin seein the reaction - but i gotta keep my face str8. so for the whole 2hrs, i was just 'teach' - no crackin jokes, no nthg. but towards the end - aku mintak maaf jgk la.. since i hate to see em belajar in such way. i dun deserved to be afraid of. and the question samada aku deserved to be respected - is somethg else. i gez u gain a respect, and it is not smthg dat u deserve. i did then, crack coupla jokes - and suddenly the crowd turned out to be 'the real emselves' like before. and i was delighted for dat. aku left the class, smiling to myself - for my stupidity losing my edge, for themselves suddenly bein so scared of me. scared of me? shait, well dats scary, indeed.

most of the lecturers r out dis mornin - for some clinical visits, i think. leavin me wit all dis bloody thgs to deal wit - coming classes preps., questions and such to be done. duhh.. no - i dun wanna start dis. or else - i'd be ended misrable by end of the day.

erm.. can i jst do a bit of FB-ing, perhaps? hehe

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