Tuesday, January 11, 2011

no. it aint birdie, as yet.

my bird,
ur bird - no?

yeah, i knw. its way darn too early. its gonna be another like 20days to go, hell yeah - for my own bloody bird-day. for some reasons - i dun feel like to wait for dat particular date. i dun really count days, hell yeah. not dat i hate it for the numbers r growin - dats the fact, and i aint gonna run nowhere from it. jst dat - i dun knw. theres no kick. theres no sort of elements of surprises in it dat i'd love to wait and see. i gez its gonna be plain, dis time around. jst like way years back.

if u go thru my previous updates on same month - before end of dis month - u'll see how my reaction is. of coz - i had coupla wish in my head; i wanna go somewhere i'd hav time for myself, i wanna kick dis Nokia XM away since it is kinda troublesome nowadays, i'd love to further up my study within dis first 6 months and few other thgs.. - but then, theres coupla thgs way more important for me dis time around, dat i wish it'd come true.

then again - i am still in love wit surprises i had on last 2009, 2010. and its gonna be jst another day goes by, dis time around, i think. tak pe lah. it aint gonna be biggie pun.


doin some readin now. trow - aku will hav my first class dgn budak2 neh - Introduction to Psychology; 3hrs. i am in love wit the topic, so i dun think its gonna be a big deal pun.

shall hit the crib now. gnite, ppl.

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