Friday, January 21, 2011


done wit the meeting at the hall di hostel budak2 neh, aku terus blah. izani, fiqa, daus and few others ajak aku lepak2 minum2 jap - so aku on je la.. for a while. dis is the time aku aku can get close to em all, out of the office hr - which is more santai and rileks. aku penat tgk budak2 aku neh tgk aku menikus tak tentu hala - as if aku nak telan sekor2. nope - i aint dat bad. tp kalo time office hr - aku had not much of ample time to sengih2 all over the places, most of the time - aku keep my face str8, like a pole. and bila aku dgr ada budak2 question the senior's statement yg 'korang untung dpt Mr Shah as Penyelaras.. sempoi giler' etc etc - and they din see dat in me - be it. its too early to get to knw the nice side of me. as for me - i wanna keep my record str8. let em all knw my harsh and stern side first - for God sake. and let em all menikus first - for the first impression counts. aku tak nak awal2 lagik dah lembik tengkok, and let em all pijak henyak kepala aku.. and by the time aku sedar; its gonna be too late. but tnite, during the meeting itself - aku dah let loose sket, and aku cld see budak2 neh really comfortable in their own skin, wit me around.. alhamdulillah.

Shah as Ketua - i think he's gonna do a good job. as the most senior, stdnts lain hormat him.. i gez. lain2 - aku syukur since dpt AJK yg ok2.. Izani a bit giler2, tp aku tau he's like dat. he's gonna do work well, insyaAllah. they r young, vibrant. i knw things gonna be jst fine - for em all. for us.

byk dorang ni diskus - aku cuma tgk je pe patut. ttg kelas, lessons, tshirts, trip, b'day stndts etc - and dorg siap rncg mcmana nak celebrate b'day and such - and nak kuatkuasa ujung bulan ni. motip? aku dgr tepung air telur etc - aku dah kecut. never ever, again!


goin to hit the sack real soon. trow is Saturday. and for the first time - aku hate dis kinda Saturday.. since aku ada kelas!


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solo molo said...

selamat berkelas Sir...