Wednesday, January 5, 2011


cant sleep. been in bed, tossing up and down - i finally ended up in my study room, tryin to figure out wat to do. theres coupla tasks i need to settle, but i dun feel like to do any of em. so all the thick text book, journal and such - were left tak bersentuh. hopping from on wall (FB) to another, from a blog to another, lookin for anyone in YM!, to none avail.

aku basically no more thking of wat've been bothering me since the early morn. cuma.. shld i or not ask?

or perhaps i shld be doin it, on my own? i really wanna do it, way before March. at least. but i dun think i can do it, alone.


ADfeez said...

nanite!! ;D

Timtams said...

I woz "invisible" :-) YM me anytime