Wednesday, January 26, 2011

live, life.

i was done wit my 2hrs lecture dis mornin - to the first sem stdnts. its about 'Human Behavior' i was havin fun teachin em all dis mornin; for 2 reasons - they be scared of me for they r new still, or they mght be really interested in the topic. we discussed about Jean Piaget's Motor & Cognitive Theory in Human Development, Frued's Psychosexual Theory and Eric Erikson's Psychosocial. tho they r new and mght be 'empty' wit all dis - i spent 2 spankin hrs wit em, wit nobdy sleepin, at all. by end of the 2 hrs, i walked out of the hall; smilin puas ati n yeah - i am losin my voice, again.

did my clinical round over psychiatric ward to see the seniors. and again - i had a very good response from the LPs - sayin dat they boys were good, initiated to learn more, asked lot of q's and such.. so - despite of i brought em to the discuss room and bang em all, we spent coupla hrs discussin about quite a number of thgs under the sun.. there was a great feelin growin in me - seein their faces glowin wit satisfaction each time i was able to explained the questions well. and i love their faces - by the time they saw me walkin up to the ward. they r not runnin away from me - but walkin to me indeed. i was wonderin how and why some seniors r complainin dat 'stdnts r runnin away by seein us around'. is dat a thg to be proud of? dat u'd be able to scares the shait out of the stdnts well? i jst cant see any relevance in it anyway. i am not sayin dat i am good (i am lame, alrite - as dat wat u said honey! i am not dat kinda guy 'masuk bakul angkat senirik' wtf). but i gez - treatin em all as a fren rather than a stdnt - it pays, and it shows me good.

done wit all dat - i finally ended up settling myself in the office when i came across a blog dat i am following, talk about 'it must be lonely being you'.. and it reminds me of smthg. or someone, perhaps. as i said before - the losers and the loners who loves to lurk around the net - psychologically they r havin 2 personas. the real-self (i am not sure how real is real, anyway), and the dis-is-myself-while-on-the-net thang. online - they pretend to be darn nice 'pijak semut pun tak mampos'. they potray emselve as 'owh-ppl-i-am-so-lovely-come-and-love-me' kinda thang.. and yeah - they mght be gettin wat they wanted. but then - how long dis can last? u had the answer alrite. and by the time the true colors r out, ppl will throw fits 'omg - i cant believe he's/she's like dat!', 'wtf he/she think he/she is?' and the series of cursin goes on and on.. and finally - ppl will leave u. in sorrow. wit a hole in yr butt - nah, in yr soul. dammit - i dun hav to describe dis. i bet u knew better. coz dats wat life we r live in.

i hardly talked to anyone else lately. i dun really think about dat much now. everybdy's bz, dealin wit own life and thang. i just go wit the flow, and i smiled a lot. and i realised dat i kinda slowin down in updatin my blog. i remember mum said to hav a simple, yet a good life. and never ever get myself into complicated thgs.

and i gez - dats all dat i wanted in life, now.

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