Sunday, January 30, 2011



sleep late last nite. yeah i knw - 1 am somethg, i am not sure if u'd call it late or not. but after bein online wit a fren of mine - i mean, after being disconnected - and dats the fact, aku dah malas get back online; for i knw if i did - darn i am not gonna be in bed, God sake. went downstairs for a drink, aku get stuck on the idiotbox for a while.. by 2am s'thg, i was so damn bloody sleepy dat i crawled upstairs for my MuMuLand. it was a fair kinda nice Saturday alrite - i gotta chance doin thgs i wanna do, and i managed to deal wit the cupcake-thang, tho it turned out to be not-a-chance of bein any of those at Cupcakes Chic.

by 4am - aku dah wide awake. bangun Isya', aku dah up and down the house. decided to do the laundry, and i did - while again, stuck to the idiotbox. damn - i never realize i've been missing so many good thang on Astro. i mean - beside they keep on playin the same silly shait again and again for the whole 40 times, lah. but then - its been a while aku btol2 sit down and enjoy watchin every wat-ever-on-the-telly kinda thang. by 6 sthg, Subuh dah masuk.. aku mandi and solat. and as usual - aku decided to go out for a jog and aerobic as well.

its kinda nice feelin i had to be in the middle of like hundreds of ppl, doin so sweat-moves. perhaps, thanks to the endorphin. or perhaps, dis is the thang yg aku btol2 enjoy of doin - apart drenched in sweat - i cld be doin the 'watchin ppl' thang, too. not for the 'cuci mata' purposes, but kinda see others, and get me thinkin kinda thang. u'll see many ppl, wit different kinda ways and such - dressin, manners et al. ada yg dtg wit wind-breakers and such, wit make-up on like u wanna go for a runways, ada yg dtg tp gediks rubbin up and forth wit the other half, ada yg seksi, ada yg owh-the-world-see-me- i-got shape kinda thang. hahaha

i am back home, now. wondering wat to do, today. i dun feel like doin the gardenin. and i dun feel like doin anythg at all, perhaps - for today. perhaps, i'd jst lay back and kill time doin nthg, for dis is Sunday, and i shldnt be doin anythg, yeah.


trow, is gonna be the end of January. darn time flies. and i am gonna be a year older. or, wiser - in a nice sweet way. i remember when i was in 20's, i remember feelin so damn eager to get myself into 30's - for i wanna be 'somethg else'. now dat i am, and i am glad for i wat i am, for who i am really. i hav most of the thg in life any guys wld be askin for, God sake. and of course - bein a plain flesh and bone - u cant help wanting for more.. and dis time around - i jst wanna hav some time, a lil bit more time - i hav coupla thgs to accomplish in dis life of mine. i gez, time is all wat i want. and i knw - no one wld be able to buy me dat. and its kinda hurt, alrite. but then again - its sthg beyond my hand, and i definitely will make use of wat i hav now. and make it use up to the max.

in a way - i cant wait for trow. for its gonna be a brand new one. a brand new day alrite. nay, it aint gonna be a brand new me - i'll jst be the same yeah. it mght not be as grand as it was last year in 2010, but its ok. for at dis kinda gae, u need not much. a single wish wld be jst fine - for at least ppl still do remember u.. rite?

hav a great Sun-Day, fellas!


TiNiE said...

happy early birthday!
ek eh :p

jerry maguire, jr. said...

alaaaa.. esok la Kak Ten!

TiNiE said...

layansss ooo lagu ni en.shah...