Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Jerry Maguire.

owh, btw - coupla days back, aku watched Jerry Maguire. again. nope. it aint on the idiotbox, but i found the dvd among the others of my own collection - and i aint sure y i put it on. cant remember dis was kali ke berapa aku've been watchin dis particular movie; yet aku never get enuf of it. aku love dis particular movie ever since it was released way like 10 yrs back. the last time i watched it was like 3 yrs back la kot, while Soleh still stayin wit me. aku remember Soleh mengeluh since aku said 'dun change the channel - its mine' to him and aku shoooo-ed him upstairs to catch another idiotbox.. aku remember he said 'yeah - again. it is soooo u'. aku tak faham sgt wat does it mean at dat time bein, and i was cldnt careless - but bila fikir2 balik, gez i know wat it means.

and yeah - theres coupla thgs dat makes me smile again, someone said dis Jerry Maguire is so-called 'it's a mirror of u'. and when i asked back wat does dat means, it goes like 'complicated and unpredictable'. again - fuuhhhh!! mcm tu ke aku? i am kinda complicated - i gez so. unpredictable? ermm.. aku tak sure le plak. but its ok - at least i know how it is. and i know who i am, for real.. thru ppl's perspective.

i love Jerry Maguire. i mean - the movie, jln cerita. i know i am all way out la to compare me wit Tommy Cruise. but the story-line is somethg else. it was like u hav every single thg in life - yet somehow, u realized how empty ur deep inside and how 'plastic' ur facing life all dis while.. and theres a time when u hav it all - but u never know how to appreciate it well. kinda thgs like dat.

i dunno. i gez it was kinda 'so me'.


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