Monday, January 10, 2011

its.. Mown-Day!

lets ukur jalan!

and life starts on its track back again - starting today. stdnts r back, and classes, clinical teachings, ward-rounds and such. and for the first day of the week - and its January - aku had no class today, but it doesnt mean dat aku bley swing-balls around - aku kena go for clinical teachings (more towards orientation) to Hospital Slim River, Hospital Tapah and Hospital Kampar. i knw - they r way down. heh. and driving alone.. its sickening.

still feverish. hidung dah tak de discaj, tp temperature still up and down. wish aku'd be in bed rite now, but i jst cant. azam baru aku - aku nak kurang kan sikap re-schedule jadual keje harian aku.. and yeah - aku hardly see y shld i be doin dat, anymore.. :-(

i am missing s'thg.. or perhaps. someone. and it hurts, really.

i wish i cld be havin January - for the last time - like a year back. full or surprises, sweet thang.

hav a great Monday ahead then, ppl. remember to treat others well, for they will definitely do the same, InsyaAllah.

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