Thursday, January 13, 2011

its like dat!

life's like dat!

reached the office early dis morn., i am havin like 6 hrs of teaching today to go thru. tuff, i knw. but its ok. as long as i can keep myself bz - it'd be better dat way.

kemas2 meja - aku came across an envelope yg tak tersentuh lagik - i believe i got it yesterday - tp since semlm agak bz, aku tak sempat bukak. and its from Melaka. another kad jemputan kawen - from my former stdnt, Firdaus K16. he's one nice young man, knw how to respect others, soft-spoken. he's been calling me last coupla months for my home add., since 'nak anta kad kat sir' kinda thang. i knw - tak de lain dah.. sah2 la nak kawen. and he did send me one.

holdin the card in my hand, i cant help thinkin about thg or two in life - how ppl come and go - like all these stdnts. most of the lecturers ere keep on sayin - no matter how close ur dgn stdnt2, dorang tetap stdnts - they come and go, they did shait - ur answerable. they did well, they'll hardly come back to u to even say 'thank u'. and once they leave u for the real world - dats it - off they'll go, and u'll fade away definitely. i used to kinda not agree to dat - for bein a humanistic - i trully believe somethg better than dat. but lately - i dun knw. s'times - they'll come to u wit sweet words and such, but words will always be one - nthg more than dat.

but again, i aint complainin. i gez life's like dat. and we all jst need to go wit the flow well. i gez i am jst doin my very best - doin wat i shld be doin. i dun mind if they go forgetting me - completely, for i never asked to be remembered pun. for if they do, i am honored. but if they dun - it wldnt change a thang pun, i gez.

owh, btw - its Thursday! its batik day.. *yawn*

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Jerung Rimba Putih said...

try to forget me.. i'll bomoh2 u later.. muahahahaa~~