Monday, January 10, 2011

Ipoh - Slim River - Tapah - Kampar - Ipoh.

Pekan Temoh.

by 10.30am, aku dah leave the college. its gonna be a long way, yeah. and its the first day - as usual, aku anticipating there'll be coupla hiccup ere and there pertaining stdnts' clinical posting. first pit stop - Hospital Slim River. nthg much. caught the Penyelia first - he told me dah ada coupla stdnts yg lapor diri, and he asked em all to go back to the hostel, kemas pe patut. so - i went to the hostel. Akram the Gigi boi was there wit 2 other seniors, 2 was on the way.. and 5 other juniors, budak2 Ajak. Farhan was one of em.. kinda notti guy, but manageable.

done wit Slim River - aku terus off to Tapah. and there was when a big problemo took place. 6 gals, one old spooky hostel. kuarters lama, to be precise. berlubang sana sinun, incldg bilik air.. and siap ada bangkai kucing katak et al. stdnts ada 6, tp katil ada 3. tikar getah tadak, and lantai papan (since rumah kuarters lama half simen halp papan tu) berlubang2 where i bet org bley bentang tikar bawah rumah, lepak and ngintai sesuka-suki. mcm cite Sofea Jane - Perempuan, Isteri dan .. bley? call Mr Bong, cldnt get hold of him. i called him like soooo many times. he told me to call him first, if anythg at all. buntu - aku called Pengarah terus. and he answered. and dats when another problemo arise. Bong dah arranged for repairing rupanya, Mail dah 'checked' and thgs was 'ok', and duit dah byr kat kontraktor. but apa yg aku tgk - dorg cat je rumah tu bg cantik, tp dlm hazab! aku started to think about a lot of thgs, tp aku mls nak amek port sgt. naper Mail? naper Bong ye ye suruh aku telepon dia dulu? naper dis and naper dat.. lantak lah! malas aku. and there i was left alone, dealing wit dis and dat, while 6 gals r relyin on me. aku nak blah, tak smpai ati. aku kena jugak settled mcmana pun - called Penyelia and such. and Pengarah plak, berkali2 telepon aku.. around 4pm, baru aku blah ke Kampar. ok je, alhamdulillah. dealing wit boys r way better and easier God sake. Amir was there, glad to see him around - sort of 'ok' tho i knw he was not dat keen to be in the Labour Room.

at 5.30pm, i was driving in the rain when Bong called me - a bit hostile, he is. he was asking me y shld aku called Pengarah instead of him. wtf! its not like aku tak call ko, ok. so aku called Pengarah, nape nak rasa bersalah plak? tak faham aku.

i had a great ride, alone. the town - small small town r superb, way beyond words. nyesal aku tak bwk kamera.

reached home by 6.30pm - mandi2, baru terasa penat bdn. and aku seram sejuk balik. mcm nak demam balik.. :-(


during the long hrs of driving, for the first time, aku tak on radio, cd, mp3 et al. aku jst drive. layan kepala. i must confess dat i did think over coupla thgs, seriously. over thgs i talked to Pinkie before. about few thgs, too.


finally, i had a news. kinda nice. and aku was glad.


abang ensem said...

Oh kampungku.. Temoh

achik ezam said...

kolo jalan kaki sure kurus bang


Aby QisIma said...

salam .. hi ... that's life shahe, sentiasa ada yg ambil kesempatan dlm kesempitan, dah pecah tembelang, cuba nak tutup, then nak salahkan org lain pulak ..., shall we call that type of person hypocrite as well?

but then, am glad to hear that at the end of the day, there's sumthing that made u smile.. Amin ..

Timtams said...

Never go any where without your camera..