Monday, January 24, 2011

in advance!


gez wat? 2 long sleeves, 2 flat-front pants, 1 tie, 1 belt. dats wat i got at the end of the day. and darn i cant stop smiling. tho it was so predictable dat 'it is like i am gonna get em all', but who cares - its been lama la jugak since i did some shopping on my own baju suar keje and all. and i hav em all - for my advance b'day pressie! haha

u knw - its kinda 'i knw wat i am gonna get' when u had a phone call in the mid of the class askin u 'eh, u pakai suar saiz pe eh? saiz bju? u suka biru eh? hitam?' like dat. and its weird when someone 'asyik tgk wat kinda brand baju keje' u put on when u go to work. its funny. but its damn sweet, i knw.

well, at the age like dis - a simple gesture like dis - wld meant a lot to me. u knw, the more numbers ur havin - puttin up to ur age, ppl tend to go forgettin the whole shait about u. but wit all dis lil petty thang - i am speechless. and damn, i am happy. nope - not for thang dat u got - its the tot, the gesture dat count.

wow. another a week to go!

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