Saturday, January 15, 2011

home sweet home!

do the caption,

done wit a jog and massrobic early in the morn., in Padang Polo, Ipoh - aku drove str8 back. nothg much there for me to stay back there pun, i was there all alone after all. kinda suck, big time. i had myself run for about 2 and a half of big round keliling taman/Padang Polo tu.. puas ati rasa.. and i was sweating like a pig. i mean - the cute one. yeah - the pink one, of course. heh!

theres one thg i wanna do today - initially, i was thinkin i'd be goin off to the office since i hav one more report pending to be done, i gotta send it out to Mr Hari by Monday. but then - i dun think i am gonna do dat. Saturday.. who works on Saturday? wit dat kinda thinkin - i came up wit somethg else - the so-called garden yg cikai tepi rumah aku neh.. it needs some love and affection. some cares. and it needs more racun of course! since rumput dah tinggi. or perhaps - may be aku shld potong chantik2 je. and i wanna go to the nursery again - i need to get more tanah, pasu and a bit of pokok too. and baja. and racun daun ijau neh. and.. errmm, byk la plak.

so wit the towel on, tunggu peluh kering - the above was the thg yg aku did - rindu nak snap2 amek pics and such. tp tadak plan nak rayau2 kuar rumah or pi bercuti pun.. :-( so aku snap pe2 sekeliling rumah aku je la. apa yg ada dpn mata. at least, hilang gatal tgn aku neh nak pegang kamera Nikon D3000 neh.

talking about dis camera.. around coupla days to come, cukup la sethn i am havin dis - i had dis as a b'day present on my last b'day. adiah dr Kak Yang - my lil lovely sis yg kat UK tu. i dun really knw how, tp somehow - dia berpakat dgn Azman and Pinkie, and i hav it in my hand like few days before the d-day.

ermm.. dat was last year.


Amer Nasri said...

damn there's alien at your garden !

jerry maguire, jr. said...

which alien? wat alien? heh.