Sunday, January 16, 2011

home sweet home, pt. 2

do the caption,

if semlm aku did some work out of the house, today Sutinah bertugas kemas dlm rumah pulak. done wit aerobic and jog kat Pdg Polo, aku singgah ofis jap - amek coupla thgs aku needed to settle since esok dah nak kena submit. then terus balik rumah.

initially - aku ingat aku continue do some work outside, tp in split second - aku changed my mind and aku mls pulak nak do the same thg, jst like semlm. so - aku kemas2 rumah, did the laundry and such.

rumah aku tak la besar mana. teres 2 tgkat je. cukup la.. yg penting - surrounding ok, jiran fabulous, dkt dgn town kedai2 etc. and dekat dgn ofis as well. and no such gated community - pagar dlm pagar etc. aku rimas wit dat kinda thang. and dis house - still got a long way to go. byk benda nak buat. meja mkn for 6 baru smpai. kabinet2 dry and wet kitchen next week baru nak pasang, incldg over-head. duit lagik. heh.

above all, i wanna keep the house simple. minimalist.

erm, and i gez i am running out of idea - God sake.

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