Wednesday, January 26, 2011

hardest thg is..

to let go.

  • a failed relationship jst means theres s'thg better out there for u - jst be patient, for theres hope.
  • if u think its time to let go - the be it. jst let go. theres no point in looking back to wat u hav alrdy lost.
  • never xpct love to always be at its best - for it never happens. becoz if u do, u'll never learn to appreciate its existence. learn to appreciate. and learn to anticipate - the bumps and such.
  • when ppl walk away from u - let em go. its not ur choice. its theirs. it doesnt mean dat ur useless. and it doesnt mean they r bad ppl, it jst means dat their part in ur story - is over. get rid of it. get a new one.
  • loving means u want the best for him/her even if it means swallowing the sad reality dat the best - jst isnt u.
  • one of the hardest thgs in life is lettin the person u love the most - walk away to reach his/her own happiness.
  • its better to let someone walk away from u than all over u.
  • jst b'coz ur not his/her everythg anymore, doesnt mean ur nothg for him/her.. now.

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