Tuesday, January 25, 2011

good night!

i wish i knw wats in others head. i wish i knw wat in their head - if they hav good thgs or they jst hav plain shait in mind. i wish i can read ppl intention - if they wanna use u, or they love to be used. i wish i knw how to read ppls head - if they really mean wat they said, or they jst said thgs they dun even knw wat the heck they r sayin. syain thgs w/o a proper meanin. i wish i can read others well - so i can always jst stay away, put up a gap and never trust others bluntly - and hurt myself, at the end of the day.

i wish i can read thgs in between - so i wont be a fool, again. i wish i hav the guts to tell ppl wat ever in my head - jst like dat; way before they say thgs and leave me in wonder. i wish i hav guts to put thgs to a stop, before it goes way beyond. i wish i never ever be a damn bloody idiot, a fool - i shld learn thgs well in life, so i wont be stumbling doin the same freakin shait - again and again.

i wish i cld be more assert to myself, to others - so i wont get fooled again. i wish i cld say 'NO' way more frequent - so i can stop makin others feel good and nice - like all the time, smiling away while its me who gotta deal wit all the consequences.

i wish..

i dun knw. g'nite, peeps.


Amer Nasri said...

i'd wish , too .

Timtams said...

But..but..arent u psychology lecturer??! Arent u suppose to know wat goes on in ppls head? Or is that a shrink??

jerry maguire, jr. said...

Amer :-/

Timtams - but i aint a God.. :-)