Wednesday, January 26, 2011



frens. a simple word, isnt it? its uttered everyday to almost every person imaginable. do u hav one? who r ur frens? i used to think dat frens were the ppl dat u cld laugh and talk to. those ppl u can tell tales, go hang out wit and such. now i knw dat frens arent dat, they r the ppl dat touch ur heart. u cld jst spend hrs talking to em, and even do nthg at all - and it can be the best time of ur life, jst b'coz - it was wit em.

frens r the ppl u can share ur secrets wit. they r the ppl who cldnt careless to listen to all craps tell by some other ppl, about u. they r ppl u can cry wit, laugh wit, and jst hav fun wit. they definitely wont judge u. or make u change, for they think u need to. they accept u jst exactly as ur. they look at u and see a great person in u, one they love spending time wit u. they'll entertain u at anytime at all, even they dun hav time for their own. they'll return ur call. they'll text u back. they console u when ur in deep shait. they talk to u in sweet manner - when u need a song to ur ears. u all share s'thg in common and r tied together by memories, tears, ups and downs, laughs and smiles. ur tied together by special kinda love for the other. frenshp is the strangest but sweetest thg - in the world.

and i find my time wit my frens - even thru the phones - as among the best times of my life. my frens r too, my heart, my soul, my fun, my laughter, tears, love and life as well.


sthg happened to me, today. it opened up my eyes well. i was lost for a while, not knwg wat to do.. how to act, and how to react. but thank God - thgs went well. and i am super-glad for thgs were ok.

to who dis may concern - ur the best-est fren i've ever found. i am glad. and i am blessed. i'll never change for a thang - jst like dat, never.

for the frenshp we had is worth than anythg at all, God sake.


NaharTinie said...

nice! *two thumbs up*

achik ezam said...

kawan apa erti sayang jika hati tak senang..**tetibe**

kawan...adakalayna menyenangkan adakalanya menjengkelkan tapi ntah macamana kita tetap memerlukan kawan utk dibuat peneman....or we will end up bosan~