Wednesday, January 5, 2011

God's willing.

finally i've said wat i needed to say. i've asked wat i need to ask. i was hesitated at the first place - i dun want anybdy to get hurt.. but i need to clear up thgs - for tho i hav no hope on it - i gez i keep on tellin myself a plain lie.. for i am clinging on one, actually. but finally - i did. God knws how it feels like - when u knw its different. i feel like to keep on makin a call - for i've made some other ppl's day bad, perhaps. and i feel like to texting a long sms - but dammit, phone plak buat perangai..

i am sorry for i've brought dis up - i jst need to. i need to clear up my conscious. my senses. i need to firmly tell myself - to stop clinging on somethg yg tak sure. i am sorry. i hope u dun mind. i knw u dun mind - for ur one of the kind. damn i wish i cld be jst like u - u can always say wat ever u feel like to, jst like dat. and bein realistic.

i gez dats life is. u plan. u put em all in a nice way - hoping its gonna work out well.

but at the end of the day - its all in God's hand.

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