Wednesday, January 12, 2011

class dah start!


masuk ofc at 7.15am - i hav to confess aku kuar lambat ari neh; 7am baru terhegeh2 kuar parking porch rumah.. and aku had to fight for life, driving kat jalan wit supermoms 'flying' ere and there on the road.. as if ada ibu nak bersalin in their car. itu belum lagik Nepal and Bangla yg berjalan di tepi2 jalan - berpegang2 tangan smbel ayun laju2, along the way.. making u feel like 'eh, bley tak aku redah je dorg neh?' mcm tu.. geram jugak since u hav to slow down, givin em ways to enjoy the moment ukur jalan sambel bersantai2 as if they r kat Taman Tasik Taiping. heh. tp - aku kool sajort pg neh.. pasang mp3 kuat, sang along tho kdg2 tu ada sket gritting my gigi together, je tahan sabar. haha

first class of the month - Introduction to Psychology. ikut list kehadiran - 97stdnts. ok la.. not sucha huge crowd. aku strated the class wit tellin em all my rules of thumb - my class will be a 2-ways communication; i wont be standing there talking like org yg sawan mic letting the stdnts sitting still like a Statue of Liberty. i want my stdns to hav at least a paper and a pencil in hand during the class - they r no Cyborg yg cld jst adsorb every single freaking thang, like a SpongeBob. i need em all to listen when they need to, when i am doin the talking. and when they wanna talk - i'll do the listening. coz if i am talkin and so they r, then nobdy will do the listening - so communication will not take place. coz if i am talkin and they do too - i'll jemput em all dtg dpn, pegang mic and talk. share their ideas wit others. for i believe - sharing is caring. if they mengantuk in between - they r free to get out and wash wat they feel like washing - no such sleepin inmy class. for i aint singin a lullaby for em all to sleep. i catch em red handed sleeping in mine - i'll shooooo em off, definitely. i want em to ask me anythg under the sun (referring to wat they learn of coz) for bein a stdnt, ur entitled to do so. not dat bila u dah keje u cant ask a thang - jst dat when u dah keje and u started askin sucha silly milly thang - ppl will say 'dulu dlm kelas tak belajar ke?' and u'll be labelled as bodoh then. my class is simple - i gav em outline siap2, so u go pi cari and baca dis and dat - u dun expect me to feed u wit a gold spoon each time, for ur no skool rendah no more. adult learning wldnt be dat way, kan? heh.

will be goin out for a lunch dgn Ajak and staf ofis - Fazli, Iman and Sharul soon. meeting at 2.30pm and clinical discussion on psychiatry posting at 3.30pm.

suddenly i feel nice. i love doin wat i am doin now - sharing the knowledge et al. and seein the stdnts' faces when they really comprehend of wat ur teaching, sharing - will giv u sort of satisfaction yg beyond explanation.

and suddenly aku rasa mcm bdn aku dah masuk 'roh'. hahaha.. semangat neh! bley?

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alhaqimi said...

wonder how it will be if i'm inside ur class...I'm ADD sir...lalalala